When a Chevron well was placed on gas lift, leaks were discovered between the outer annulus and conductor. These leaks resulted in an inability to safely gas lift the well, resulting in reduced production. Additionally, Chevron was concerned about the potential safety and environmental risks of the leaks.

A Seal-Tite® engineer was deployed to the platform and, with no well intervention, was able to cure the leaks. All Seal-Tite® operations were conducted through test ports in the wellhead. The well was returned to gas lift, production re-established and pressure on the outer annulus and conductor was eliminated. Chevron increased production, reduced gas loss, eliminated potential operational risks and increased production to 350 Bbl per day.

Without Seal-Tite®, a major rig operation would have been required at a cost in excess of $2.5 million, in addition to the risk of damage to the reservoir and loss of production because of killing the well.

A testimonial letter from Chevron is available for this operation.

Arco Alaska

Seal-Tite® performed eight pack-off sealant jobs on six wells for Arco Alaska, two of which had dual pack-off leaks. In selecting the wells to be repaired, Arco chose a broad spectrum of leak rates, from minor to severe. Although Arco expected that Seal-Tite® would only be able to seal approximately one-half of the leaks, Seal-Tite® cured all eight problems.


In Australia, the operator was unable to gas lift a number of wells due to wellhead leaks that prevented pressurization of the casing. Seal-Tite® has performed successful sealant operations on three of the leaking wellheads. By curing the wellhead leaks, the operator has been able to gas lift the wells and increase production by in excess of 3,000 barrels per day.

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