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Barry Ellis, founder and managing director of Seal-Tite® International, worked as a problem-well specialist for one of the world’s major oil companies. During his field work in Libya, Malaysia, and the Gulf of Mexico, Ellis saw a need for a method of curing downhole leaks without having to perform expensive workover operations. His entrepreneurial spirit led to the founding of Seal-Tite® International in 1995 and the development of a line of unique pressure-activated sealants.

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Product Development

Seal-Tite International has a line of unique pressure-activated sealants that seal leaks in oilfield environments. The sealants are unique in that the pressure drop through the leak site causes the sealants to polymerize into a flexible solid. Only at this point of differential pressure will the sealant polymerization process occur. As the reaction proceeds polymerized sealant forms at the edges of the leak site and simultaneously links together to form a flexible bond across the leak site. The remainder of the sealant is the system remains liquid.