SCSSV Control Line and Wellhead Seal Leaks

In SPE paper 64400, Esso Australia described the use of Seal-Tite’s sealant technology to cure control line and hanger failures. Seal-Tite® cured three out of four control lines failures and three out of four hanger failures.

According to Esso, these successful sealant operations resulted in $10 million worth of cost savings and increased production by more than 5,000 barrels per day.

Downhole Safety Valve Leak

Over a number of months, a Gulf of Mexico operator had spent in excess of $100K using different methods of maintaining the SCSSV on a well producing more than 60,000 Mcf per day. During this period, the SCSSV had shut-in a number of times, resulting in more than $600K in lost production. After learning about Seal-Tite®, the operator contracted with the company to cure the leaking SCSSV. Within two days of the initial call, Seal-Tite® cured the leak and the well returned to continuous production.

Downhole Safety Valve Leak

Seal-Tite® performed a North Sea operation to correct a leak in a damaged SCSSSV using Seal-Tite® pressure-activated sealants. The most significant aspect of the report is that post-repair production was increased from 200,000 m3/d to 340,000 m3/d by eliminating the need for the restrictive NTS (Nam Tubing Safety) valve – a 68 percent increase in production for a fraction of the cost of a rig workover.