Umbilical Testing

A South American company has conducted rigorous testing of the capabilities of the Seal-Tite® sealant process in curing leaks in umbilical lines and the SCSSV mechanisms. Simulated leaks were created in the fittings, connections and hoses of umbilical systems and seals in SCSSVs were damaged or removed to create severe leaks. Seal-Tite® cured all leaks except where the line was actually cut deeply through the control line. The flexible seals were able to hold at the rated equipment pressure of 5000 psi.

Subsea Umbilical Line Leaks

Six separate umbilical lines in subsea well were leaking at rates ranging from 1.1 to 2.1 liters per minute. All leaks were cured and the umbilical lines returned to service at the normal operating pressures.

Subsea SCSSV System Leak

A connection in the SCSSV system for a Brazilian well was experiencing a leak. Seal-Tite® sealant was delivered by ROV to a hot-stab location and into the SCSSV system. The leak was cured, the SCSSV was cycled opened and closed and system pressure set at 4900 psi.